VIDEO REPLAY: Power & Precision: the Best Exercises to Hone your Control of Horse & Blade


Video replay of Jennifer Landels’s workshop from Power, Speed & Grace: Secrets of Effective Movement in Medieval Martial Arts, 20 March 2021.



Jennifer Landels of Academie Cavallo

When fighting from horseback it is vital to be able to move parts of your body in isolation from the rest.  Inadvertent movements of the legs and hips can send your horse in unexpected directions. You can’t rely on your full body to power your cuts, and must generate force from small groups of specific muscles. In this workshop, Jen will take you through a workout designed to target precise muscles and improve your ability to isolate and control your arms, shoulders, waist, hips, and legs.  This routine is not just valuable for riders — it will help you improve your point control, feints, and deceptive fight strategies as well.

Equipment: dining chair or armless office chair, yoga mat or carpet, sword or long stick.

Jennifer Landels is one of the world’s foremost experts in Historical Mounted Combat. She has been practising historical fencing since 2008 and riding horses since before she could walk. She founded Academie Duello’s Cavaliere Program in 2010 as an excuse to combine her passions for swords and horses, and has been teaching mounted swordplay both in the BC Lower Mainland and across Europe and North America in the decade since then. In 2020 she founded Academie Cavallo, where the Mounted Combat Program continues to grow at Cornwall Ridge Farm in Langley BC.


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